Are you ready for 2012? Do you care?

Posted on November 14, 2011


You should. Whether you think 2012 will make any difference to your business or not, the range and wealth of support and development on offer will benefit your business for years’ to come. Olympics or no Olympics.

There’s a very small team of very dedicated people working in the regions, across England, focusing on ways to help businesses in their areas make the most of the opportunities presented by 2012.  These people have been through the trauma of being moved from one organisation to another, following the (bonkers) decision to close the RDAs, yet, they have remained focused on the job at hand – maximising 2012 for their region.

In the South West, we have Team South West. Brilliant, dedicated and professional people: Making sure that South West England gets as much as possible from 2012.  They do everything for the region for 2012, and there’s only 3 of them.  Whilst they may have the support of some big guns and working groups, it’s up to the 3 of them to do the hard work.  They schlep up to London, attend meetings and bang the drum for South West England; they make sure the powers that be come and see the region; they set up business development events and groups in local areas; and they whoop with joy when a contract for services is awarded to a South West business. 

They work so hard to make sure that every possible drop of 2012 magic is squeezed out for the benefit of South West England.  Find out more about them and reap the rewards.