I’m perfectly capable of writing a press release. Thank you very much.

Posted on November 19, 2011


I cringe when I remember my reaction to the news that we’d appointed a PR consultant. What was wrong with the press releases I was sending out? Surely sending a press release to the local paper, and one or two trade press was enough? What did it matter if the stories were printed or not? Who needs a hook, a tasty morsel or a quirky tale?

I was ‘busy’ when the PR came to town to have a look around. I thought the first release he wrote was ‘passable’. And the hooks and ideas he came up with were ‘ok, I suppose’.

Then, suddenly, the phone started ringing, journalists from all over the place, wanting to find out more – the ‘passable’ release had really whet their appetite, he’d hooked them and they wanted more. They wanted to cover the story. They wanted photos. They wanted to come and see.

I had to call that PR, and I had to admit defeat. He was a genius. Luckily he was also quick to forgive the impertinence of youth!

Since then, he’s made sure destinations I’ve worked for have hit the headlines. Whether it’s been celebrating the life and work Beatrix Potter or Agatha Christie; whether it’s been 2000 years of the birth of a city or 90 minutes of football; whether been it’s capturing the attention of the New York Times or Dallas Morning news – he’s done it.

I am sure you can understand why I cringe when I think of my first reaction, and why 20 years’ later, I wouldn’t be without ‘that PR’.

I’m glad to say that today he’s not just a genius, he’s also one of my best friends.