I’m not thirsty, but my feet hurt.

Posted on December 3, 2011


I’ve bought my plane ticket.  I’ve paid for car parking.  I’ve arrived in good time.  I’ve downloaded my boarding pass on line.  I’ve only got one item of hand luggage.  It’s not heavy, it fits in the frame.  I’ve taken off my boots, my coat and my glasses; taken my laptop and ipad out of my briefcase and walked through security.  I’ve reduced security risks by keeping my baggage with me at all times.  I’ve mooched in the duty free. I’ve bought something from one of the shops.  When my flight is called, I will be at the gate on time.

So far, I have not caused any member of the airport staff to help me, speak to me or do anything for me.

I do think therefore, that I deserve a seat in your airport lounge, Mr Airport Operator. I don’t think I should have to buy a cup of tea or coffee in order to get that seat.

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