Take a big girl bow

Posted on December 10, 2011


Isn’t it great to get thanked when you’ve done ‘a job well done’?

Isn’t it nice when someone takes the time to tell you to your face, to email you, to write to you or to text you. A simple thank you. It makes the world of difference and puts a smile on your face. I am sure it also makes them feel great to let someone else know that they appreciate what’s been done.

Sometimes though, the thank you can be a bit different and not only does it show you that your work is appreciated, it also makes you laugh out loud.

My absolute favourite, and ‘quirky’, thank you has to be. ‘That was great. You were brilliant. And, as I say to my 6 year old daughter, “take a big girl bow”’.

I did. And I laughed out loud. Job enjoyed and job well done.

So, if you’ve worked really hard this week, and done a great job, I urge you to take a big girl/boy bow in front of that crowd of people who think you’re great.

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