Christmas is murder!

Posted on December 12, 2011


I’ve had five ‘murders’ to do before Christmas.  I’ve done three and I’ve got two left.  It’s fun, but it’s hard work, and it’s the ‘audience’ who can really make a difference.

This is a very short blog to say thanks to those punters who really get into the spirit.  I am sure they will never read this blog, but I must thank them nevertheless.  Hopefully it may also encourage you to participate fully if you ever find yourself part of a murder mystery evening!

In a room of around 90 people, noise, wine, food, music … party poppers and root-te-toots … it is so nice to know that people are listening, are enjoying themselves and are, actually, becoming part of the whole act!

Those punters who agree that it was their Auntie Nellie who told them to come to the party. 

Those punters who willingly jump up and join in the ‘party games’ and joyfully drop their friends in it!  Those punters who agree with, engage in and expand whatever story line you are giving them. 

Those punters who come up with the most challenging questions for the suspects, the most fantastical reasons for the murder and delight in pointing the finger at the person who they think ‘dunnit’!

It truly is a hoot and made all the better by an interactive, if not a little tipsy, audience. 

Thanks. Take a bow yourselves.