The Lion, the Monkey and the Dolphin. And not a wardrobe in sight.

Posted on December 21, 2011


The Monkey excitedly wrote the bid. The Lion made sure it all added up, was grammatically correct and made sense. The Dolphin said she’d be delighted to be involved and help them both.

The Lion worked out the number of days they needed and the costs associated. The Monkey altered her diary so that there were 8 days in each week. The Dolphin said thank you, and if you need me to do any other days, I’m happy to help.

The Monkey went on holiday. The Lion submitted the bid.  The bid was won, the Lion never doubted it. The Monkey had a cocktail and called the Dolphin.  The Dolphin was very proud of both the Lion and the Monkey.

The Dolphin completed her tasks as promised.  The Monkey invited the Dolphin over to discuss her tasks. The Lion told the Monkey off, for a) distracting the Dolphin and b) having fun when she should be working.

The Monkey drew ideas on big pieces of paper. The Lion wrote lists.  The Dolphin told them they’d both done really well and it was looking good.

The Monkey and the Lion met the clients. The Monkey presented the ideas, the Lion filled in the detail.  The Monkey told them the ‘it’s a zoo around here’ story.  The Lion drew their attention back to the agenda.

The clients bought the idea. They also bought the book.

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