That perfect skimming stone, and other childhood holiday memories …

Posted on January 2, 2012


As I walked along the beach with my 10 year old this Christmas, desperately searching for the most perfect skimming stone, I couldn’t help but remember some childhood holiday memories and pastimes …

The perfect skimmer.  The speedboat made out of sand on the beach. Elaborate sandcastles and buckets of beautiful treasures.  Polystyrene surf boards, rock pooling, crab lines and (empty) buckets.

Wet hair, wet cosies, sandy towels.  ‘Two penny slidies’ in the arcades.  The Frisbee I could never catch.   

Fish and chips in real newspaper. The bottle of coke, with a straw, and bag of crisps in the pub beer garden.  Cockles and winkles from a bag, delivered by a man with a big basket of seafood.  That special taste combination of sand and ice cream.

Fishing from the side of a barge on a canal (and actually catching fish).  Canoeing along rivers and inlets, pretending to be on a secret adventure (even if I was only on Shell Island in Wales).  Jumping off a boat and swimming to the shore.  The (relentless) sound of the rigging clanking on the boats in Brixham harbour

The scariest ghost stories around a campfire, little tents, calor gas cookers, slippery sleeping bags and spooky noises.  The sound of rain on a caravan roof.  Leaving early, sleeping on the back seat of the car, tucked up with blankets and teddies.

… ring any bells? Anything to add?