What were they thinking?

Posted on January 3, 2012


Why on earth did they think that they had the right to show Torquay in such a poor light? A hotel which appears to give nothing back to the Bay, does nothing for tourism in the local area and for the image of hospitality in general, decided that it would be fine to showcase all that is bad about their offer.

I watched ‘The Hotel’ from behind a cushion and monitored the growing levels of incredulity and outrage on twitter. What was the impact of this series going to have on Torquay? Was it going to take Torbay back 20 years, as @Hulstone tweeted?

I do hope not. Torquay does not deserve to be tarred with that Hotel’s brush. Torquay is working hard to shed itself of the ‘Basil Fawlty’ image, the trade are working hard to raise the game, and they have been succeeding. Notable good news stories – Kents Cavern’s international positive media coverage, the Geopark, the English Riviera Tourism Company, the Elephant Restaurant, and county wide, region wide and national award winning establishments – to name but a few.

This is all too positive to be washed away by one, quite frankly, shabby hotel which just happens to be on the seafront. The rest of Torquay is moving forward. It appears it is only that Hotel which is not.

Has nothing changed at that Hotel? Everything has changed in the English Riviera, for the better, visit soon and find out for yourself. Just don’t stay at that Hotel.