The things you do in the name of tourism!

Posted on January 7, 2012


In what other job would you travel to New York with a Roman centurion, drive across France and Germany collecting roman artefacts or wander the streets of Metz with an oversized Peter Rabbit?

When else would you give 7 presentations in 7 American states in 10 days, and still have time to enjoy the spills and thrills of Dallas Alley and a frozen margarita by the pool at midnight?

When else would you drive a transit van full of leaflets, local cheese and wine to overseas holiday exhibitions, dance all night on a ferry and still be awake long enough to set up the stand and enjoy the nightlife of whatever European city you may be in?

When else would you shout the TV if a high profile petrol head is knocking your favourite City, cringe when you see a fave resort reflected badly on a TV show or swell with pride if you catch a glimpse of what is obviously ‘your Cathedral’ on a wizard of a blockbuster movie?

When else could you work through the night to get a brochure out, get your work colleagues to dress up as historical figures for the front cover and then refuse to look at the first copy? … just in case there’s a mistake in there!

When else could you meet, and building lasting friendships with, Dolphins, Lions, Monkeys, Elephants (and the odd shark), ‘That PR’, England’s leading tourism gurus and not forgetting, some wonderful tourism chicks?

When else could you run across a frozen canal, have a snow ball fight with tourism colleagues from across England or try to split a three figure restaurant bill, asking for 30 individual receipts?

When else could you work with premiership football clubs, World record breaking athletes and local celebrities?

When else could you meet the most fantastic travel writers, PRs and TV personalities on their quest for knowledge about England’s leading destinations?

When else could you work for, and with, some of England’s finest destinations, hotels and attractions?

When else could punch the air with delight when you see your favourite destinations and attractions receive awards, accolades and press coverage worldwide?

When else could you travel 453 miles, cross land and sea to a travel exhibition, only to meet the man of your dreams, and find out he lived 30 miles away from you?

Or rather the things I’ve done in the name of tourism.  I have had a blast so far, and it looks like it is set to continue.