Completely out of order.

Posted on January 15, 2012


That’s definitely how I feel. Why? Because I not only have great attractions, restaurants and scenery on my doorstep, but I also have great theatre and I seem to overlook that. Poor show, given my claim to be a ‘very part time actress’.

I travel to London, I love the West End shows and experiences, and I’d travel outside of English Riviera for other performances, but I seem to completely forget that I can catch some absolute gems in my own backyard.

Luckily, I caught Shakespeare Underground at Kents Cavern last year, now the link to the events section on their website is firmly logged so that I don’t miss any performances this year. And thank goodness, I didn’t miss ‘Out of Order’ at the Little Theatre in Torquay last night.

What an absolute hoot. What a great cast. What a great venue. It seems that I may not be alone in missing a trick on my doorstep; the theatre was not completely full, yet the performance deserved a sell-out crowd. The actors, fitting in the rehearsals and performances around busy lives, delivered a professional performance and the audience loved it.

The venue was easy to get to. There was ample parking, great service and a great bar. A fab and fun night out for under £15 … what could be better than that? It may not be Broadway or the West End, but I urge you to seek out the amateur dramatic performances in your area – support local theatre and have a great night out too.

Pssst [she added in a stage whisper] if you’ve links to local theatre performances in your area which you’d like to add as comments on this blog, please do.

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