Tourism – more than a bucket and spade!

Posted on January 26, 2012


At last, the chance to write a blog about the importance of tourism and how those in the industry need to do as much as possible to profile it.

I followed a very interesting discussion on the South West England Tourism Forum on Linkedin, where rationale’s for and against the new ‘English Tourism Week’ were discussed. You could not fail to see both sides of the argument – every week should be tourism week versus this is a chance to really ramp up its profile. I concede, the argument was much more eloquent than that, but I am sure you get the gist.

It made me think how I could get involved. After years’ of working in the public sector, supporting tourism businesses and encouraging them to be involved in type of initiative – what could I do now that I was in the business myself? I called a few friends, the Dolphin included, and put the idea of ‘Speed Mentoring’ to them – thankfully, they liked it.

Bite size chunks of information about interesting topics, delivered on a one to one, to people who just want to ask a few critical questions and get quick answers. People who spend their days delivering excellent tourism experiences, and do not always have the time to sit through a day long workshop or training event.

The Riviera International Centre are once again running their ‘South Devon Tourism and Business Exhibition’ as part of English Tourism Week, where better to deliver our first speed mentoring session?

With a team of industry experts, I will be launching ‘Speed Mentoring’ in March. Quick, to the point, one to one sessions for busy tourism business owners, focused around on marketing planning, managing media and reputation, leadership, communicating your message effectively, making the most of data and social media tips.

So much more than a bucket and spade.  But sounds like it could be fun too.