My life in 3 ½ hours.

Posted on January 31, 2012


Everyone seems to be on a personal ‘journey’ these days, even though they may not actually be going anywhere!  Well, I have been on a personal journey this week, and I was certainly travelling.


I had a meeting in Nottingham. I’ve been there before, so it wasn’t a great new world kind of journey – this was about, practically, a journey through my life so far, via the M5, M42 and M1.  [Though not chronological, and not via London or Belgium, I am sure you’ll get the picture]

On Friday morning, as I left Nottingham, I started thinking about shopping days out in the city when I was a teenager – which naturally led to me to thinking about school friends and old times in Leicestershire.  I then passed a sign for Loughborough, and my student days there flooded back; enough said.

The next sign was for Birmingham, and four splendid years with Marketing Birmingham came into sharp focus.  Next up was Worcester, the special place where my wonderful son was born, and the start of many a long commute into Birmingham.  Still smiling at the thought of good times in Worcester and Birmingham, I then saw the sign for Gloucester.  My first job in destination management;  great place, fond memories, brilliant job – a job I held for nearly a decade.

The memories of wonderful years in Birmingham and Gloucester stayed with me until I saw the sign for Devon, and thoughts of my five fab years at South West RDA filled my head.  The best job ever, working with the most fabulous people both in the region and nationally, people and a place I was sad to leave; again, enough said.

And finally, the welcome to the English Riviera – thoughts of my job in Torbay, though only for a couple of years, made me smile (and shiver at the same time) and be thankful that it brought me to Devon.  The lasting friendships, the seaside and the surrounding countryside make it a great resting point on my ‘journey’.

So apart from the London and Belgium years, I had a quick tour of my life so far this week.

What fantastic memories.  Now with McAllister and Co, the next chapter has begun, and my new experiences are certainly going to make great memories!