McLizard explores the estate (part two)

Posted on February 13, 2012


We explored the estate today.  The estate of Sir Charles MacLean, son of Fitzroy MacLean – one of the characters James Bond was based on, so they’d ‘been expecting us!’

What a great place, set on the banks of Loch Fyne, with fabulous walks, scenery, deer and at present, snowdrops a plenty.  We built a little bridge across a burn (that’s a brook if you’re reading this in England), we skimmed stones on the edge of the Loch and we simply enjoyed the fresh air and the stillness of the place.  It’s magical. The day light is tremendous and at night, the dark is simply dark – no light pollution and masses of stars.

This place is a perfect holiday destination, and I can see why the best friend picked this spot. She has excellent taste, and not just in friends.  They’re living with Sir Charles (not literally) while her place is finished, and she’s logging all of the things she’s done so far, in preparation for the blog she’s going to write.  It’s pretty humorous stuff – just wait until you read about her septic tank stories and the day she found a tractor buried in the garden.       

It was always a joy to visit her in London, there was always a great meal, a great story and of course, great wines. It’s the same here, except with a little bit of extra something. She’s changed, and as she says ‘she’s come home’ – Scotland really suits her.  My cosmopolitan friend, who loved her life in London has taken to life on the edge of a Loch in style, she gets it, she’s living this new way of life with her usual joie de vivre and a little extra dram of passion!