The simple pleasures? You bet.

Posted on April 7, 2012


It was a lovely spring day, so we popped over to Escot – mainly on the hunt for a red squirrel or two, but also to have mooch about this gem in the heart of Devon. 

What a brilliant place. Relaxing and natural – a great space to enjoy the great outdoors, climb trees, play about in the fresh air and just be peaceful.  Apart from when you’re lost in the maze or listening to the otters screeching for food!

It’s got so much going for it, and it really takes the local environment seriously, it’s rustic but so very well put together. 

My best bits were otter feeding time, what gorgeous and well loved creatures; the interesting but aloof wild boar; and the wine tree, how I would have loved to have a hand in emptying those bottles! 

My son, naturally, loved climbing trees, because he could, when he wanted and however he wanted and the fabulous birds – above all else, we just loved the outdoors and the sound of other folk enjoying themselves. 

It’s like the good life does a theme park.  Back to what really matters. Done well and enjoyed by all.

The absolute highlight of the day was looking up into a tree and seeing red squirrel.  I had forgotten just how lovely, quirky and downright gorgeous these little creatures were, surrounded as we are by the grey variety.

It was a very special moment for me.  One I will not forget and one I intend to repeat very soon.

(Thanks to the lovely Lisa Benton for the photos, they were far too quick for me to capture!)