Instructions from sunny Spain

Posted on April 27, 2012


The email arrived. She was back, safe and well.

But ‘before I forget, you really must write one of your blods about the taxi company who took me to the airport’.  She know’s it’s a blog, it’s just one of her quirks, giving things their own special names (sometimes they even make me laugh).

So here I am, writing a short blog, at my Mother’s instruction to praise the service of a local taxi company. I’d cocked up you see, and booked a meeting in Nottingham which meant that I would not be around to take my Mother to the airport when she flew off to Spain.  Naturally, she is precious cargo, so I’d shopped around for a company who seemed bothered to get my call and take my booking.  Clearly, I struck lucky.

In Mum’s words ‘what a nice chap, arrived early, collected my bags and helped me into the taxi – chatted all the way to the airport, and helped me out at the other side, getting a trolley and everything. He even said thanks to me for such a great trip, and if I couldn’t have you take me to the airport, he was the next best thing’.

Praise indeed, so this ‘blod’ is dedicated to Holiday Link and RS Taxis. Thanks.