We feel the need, the need for STEAM.

Posted on April 28, 2012


Decisions made on what to do with a 10 year old and his Grandmother on a wet and windy half term, have led to the writing of this blog.

‘Mum it was awesome, you have to write one of your blogs about it’ he yelled as he ran across the courtyard.  My Mother, not really sure what this blogging is all about, heartily agreed.  So here I am, blogging about my Mother’s and son’s great day out at the STEAM Museum in Swindon.

From his point of view – ‘Awesome, I saw Queen Victoria’s carriage and Brunel, and I built my own railway on a computer’.  As an aside ‘there was a younger boy who showed me what to do, but his grandma told me that he’d been there lots of times before’.  Eager that I should not miss any of his adventure, he’d bought a souvenir guide book and taken lots of photos on his ipod (forgive the quality of the photos and enjoy this blog with your heart, not your head).  ‘Am-az-ing. We should have done this last time we came here, rather than just the shopping’.  Suitably chastised, I made a mental note to include another visit to STEAM when we next take some retail therapy at Swindon’s McArthur Glen.

My Mum, keen to do this properly (as always supportive of whatever I am doing – whether she gets it or not) waited until my son was ‘out of steam’ and added her views.  Great value, great staff and a great visit – a tad surprised, as she wasn’t sure it would be her thing, but clearly it was.  Really well laid out, and models looking so realistic that she once mixed up a model with a fellow visitor.  She was careful to tell me about the areas for kids to stop and play, and the ease of following the story – from the stories of the GWR workers (another aside … ‘Did you know that means Great Western Railway, Mum?’) to the model railway, with signal man skills and station platforms in between. 

Great value for money too, she added, proudly showing me the receipt ‘and that included us paying a bit extra to see the Sci-Fi exhibition’.  As a life-long Star Trek fan, she was delighted with the ‘side attraction’ and the fact that she could share some more of her precious memories of her favourite things with her equally precious Grandson.

‘Grandma loves Captain Kirk’ my son chipped in.  Of course, I knew that, what I didn’t know was that she’d be such a great ‘ghost blogger’.

Hope my Mum’s and son’s adventures have inspired you to take a visit.

Who knew? So much to see and do in Swindon.

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