Utterly fantastic!

Posted on May 20, 2012


I knew I would be excited about having the Olympic Games in my own country, but didn’t realise that I would be quite as excited as I am.

I took up my position on the sofa on Friday night, watching the flame’s arrival into Cornwall, following the tweets, texts and facebook posts.

I woke up to watch Ben Ainslie light the torch and start the fantastic relay across Great Britain.

Based on the social media chatter so far, I don’t think I am alone, and I am in very good company. Well done all of us, we certainly know how to celebrate, and I can’t wait to watch this wave of enthusiasm and excitement spread across the country.

So, we’re up early in our house this morning. We’re off to watch the torch as it passes through the English Riviera, and we’re very excited.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, said my 10 year old.  For me maybe, but not for him. Let’s hope Great Britain always has great celebrations like this – we so deserve it. We’re GREAT after all.


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