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Posted on June 12, 2012


Myself and the Dolphin are brilliant. We’re brilliant because we chose to be. I think you’re brilliant too. There, I’ve said it, and you are nodding so you must agree.

We went on a course recently, which is when we discovered that we were brilliant – it appears that we may have always been brilliant, actually, but this course (which was brilliant, by the way) helped us to recognise it.

It was funny really, being a Monkey, I’d almost cancelled because I thought it might be a bit boring (still using the Nigel Risner event as a yard stick), but the Dolphin, being a Dolphin, had assured me that it would be great, that I would enjoy it, and anyway ‘it was rude to cancel at such short notice, particularly as we had been invited* to attend’.

She was right. She usually is. So off we went.

We met Andy Cope, he’s doing a PhD at Loughborough Uni – studying positivity, happiness and flourishing in the workplace. BUT the course was not about ‘big words and heavy academic nonsense’ – it was all about the ‘blinding obvious’, that is, what’s left after Andy and his team have sieved the knowledge through the ‘bullsh*t filter’.

The principle is ‘most of us are able to tap into our brilliant selves, sporadically. The ‘art of being brilliant’ is about turning these fleeting moments into lasting habits’.

Importantly, I learned that it’s up to me to be positive, it’s up to me to understand my impact and to take personal responsibility for my own happiness, it’s up to me to bounce back (‘Nil illegitimi carborundum’ springs to mind) and finally, it’s up to me to have huge, unbelievably great, goals.

It was, to coin a phrase, brilliant. If I had been wearing socks they would’ve been blown off. I was inspired, energised, excited, and happy. Happy to be me, and to see what I could, should and will achieve.  Happy to live in the moment, and not wish my time away, happy enjoy every day not wait for something good to happen – because, guess what, it’s already happening!

So, I have raved about my Nigel Risner moment, and still will. But the art of being brilliant is now much discussed, shared and raved about.  And do you know what, it’s contagious. I gave a friend the book to read, she bought her own copy and one for another friend.

Spreading the happiness, sharing the brilliance.


* guests of Purple Cloud – check them out

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