The big adventure (and the even bigger hug)

Posted on June 13, 2012


As you know, my lovely mother lives in Spain, we see lots of her throughout the year, and always try to have a long holiday with her in the summer. This year, we’ve decided to have an adventure as well as a holiday.

We’re travelling to South Spain, from Newton Abbot in Devon, by train. My recent trip across Slovakia by train has inspired me. I saw so much of the country, and was so relaxed that I suggested this to my boys, they agreed and we planned our itinerary.

It’s all booked now. My 10 year old is counting the days and excitedly telling everyone about our plans. I’m looking forward to it, naturally, as the final destination means a huge hug, but the journey itself is going in to be fantastic.

I shall also be blogging all about our journey and the things we do and see on the way, but to give you an idea of what’s in store:

We’re travelling from Devon to London, and then getting the Eurostar to Paris. We’ve one night and almost a full day in Paris, so the Louvre, the Eiffel tower, a spot of Bateaux Mouches, snails and frogs legs are on the cards.

We then catch a sleeper train to Barcelona, where we are spending two days and one night – the 10 year old has planned a trip to the Nou Camp, and I’m keen to see Gaudi’s work and explore the City.

Finally, we get a train from Barcelona to Lorca, it’s a 7 hour trip, but we’ll be wined and dined on board.

And of course, there’s that huge hug to look forward to, so I am sure the time will flash past.