You are a star, Eurostar.

Posted on July 29, 2012


Devon – London – Paris – Barcelona – Lorca – Las Piedras

Stage two: London to Paris

Checking in with Eurostar  couldn’t be easier, great staff, great help and a really smooth service.  It seemed like we had hardly arrived at St Pancras before we were checking in and on our train to Paris.  We did have a little time to stare at the Australian Women’s Basketball team, to take a photo of those Olympic rings and say a quick hello to Sir John Betjeman.

The Eurostar staff, all branded with their 2012 logos, were as happy to help those leaving London as those arriving, and it was a real breath of fresh air – the excitement of the games has been infectious, making the smiles bigger and the customer service so much more important.

Eurostar has done a fantastic job in reminding all of their passengers, whether they are coming or going, that the Olympics are in London – from table tops with funny Olympic cartoons to those friendly branded staff ‘bringing Europe to the London 2012 games’ and making everyone as welcome as possible.

It seems like the Olympic inspiration has spread further than just sport.  I do hope this is one of the legacies of the games.

We didn’t have time to visit the much celebrated Champagne bar at St Pancras, but I needn’t have worried, on arrival on French shores, the American couple opposite us opened a bottle to celebrate and managed to spray most of the carriage – to much applause and laughter from fellow passengers.

That’s train travel for you.  Relaxed, convivial, a journey, and for us, a bit of an adventure.

We were soon in Paris; again came the gathering of ourselves and our luggage, and that excited ten year old.  We stepped off the train in Gare du Nord, and travelled across Paris to Gare de Lyon.  Our new best friend, the escalator, much celebrated when it came into view; our enemy, the staircase, met with boos and sneers (and some sweat and tears!).

Eleven hours after leaving our home in Devon, we’d checked into our hotel and were in a pavement café in Paris contemplating the next day and what we would be able to fit in to nine hours in Paris.

Stage three: Paris to Barcelona

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