Award winning caveman.

Posted on September 30, 2012


Tourism Award, McAllister and Co, Social mediaAs I have said in many of my past blogs, I have developed a love for all things social media!  It’s great that I can use many different routes to promote my business, and also can use my expertise to promote and support my clients in their marketing work.

I am delighted that this is now officially ‘award winning’.

Working with Kents Cavern on their marketing and social media strategy has always been fun, but to be rewarded for this hard work through an award for ‘Innovation and Marketing’ at the recent English Riviera and South Devon Tourism Awards is the icing on the cake.

And the ‘sprinkles on top’?

Well, that would be the email I received from Nick Powe, Owner of Kents Cavern the day after the awards:

“Kents Cavern is celebrating after scooping the prestigious Gold award for Innovation and Marketing at the 2012 South Devon Tourism and Hospitality Awards.  We won for our innovative use of social media to promote the Kents Cavern story, its geology and its place as Britain’s oldest human settlement.  

We engaged the professional services of McAllister and Co to achieve this success. Over the last year the company’s boss, Maureen McAllister, has developed and delivered our social media marketing strategy. She has built up the “Cavog the Caveman” brand on Twitter, raised our profile on Facebook, LinkedIn and on many other social media products so that the awareness of Kents Cavern has wide penetration not only amongst the general public but, most importantly, amongst the national and international tourism and travel industry.

What’s more, using social media is far more economic and effective than traditional forms of marketing.

Nick Powe, Managing Director, Kents Cavern Ltd”

Cavemen? Great to work with.

With Nick Powe, Owner of Kents Cavern (aka Boss Caveman)