My slice of Nottinghamshire

Posted on January 11, 2013


Robin Hood arrowsWhilst this blog is clearly about my recent travels to, and stays in, Nottinghamshire, it may seem rather cake related.  This has something to do with a) my lovely lion, who I mostly stayed with when I was in Nottingham, and whose life revolves around cake and b) the folk I met at Experience Nottinghamshire who also were cake addicts.

So, when I started thinking about how I would write about my Nottinghamshire Experiences, it did seem apt to look at it like a cake.  A delicious cake too. Unfortunately for me, one which I only sampled a very small slice of, but has left me wanting to try it again and again.

Nottinghamshire, if it were a cake would be one of those cakes you see on the shelf, recognise its brand instantly but cannot quite remember if you’ve tasted it, or if you’ve just heard someone talking about how tasty it is.  Then when you pick it up you are amazed at all of the ingredients packed in, and how many of them are natural and authentic.

That’s Nottinghamshire, packed full of the most delicious, natural, ingredients.

  • Its legends from Robin Hood and Brian Clough to Rebecca Adlington and Paul Smith, ice-skating heroes Torvil and Dean, and the literally brilliant Byron, D H Lawrence and Sillitoe.
  • Its delicious local produce. Stilton cheese, Bramley apples, pints of local beers and ales – household names, straight to you from Nottinghamshire with love.
  • Its cultural excitement.  Sports, concerts, music, theatres, galleries, shows and festivals – quaint pubs, trendy cocktail bars, bars hidden in caves and a mouth-watering range of eateries.
  • Its amazing countryside and fresh air with Ducal estates, parks, gardens and of course, that forest.

That’s just the filling.  The icing on the cake?

The brilliant team at Experience Nottinghamshire.  Passionate about promoting Nottinghamshire as a great place to visit; enticing you to find out more; sharing their delight in the county they live in; and surprising you with one fascinating fact after another.  A great team, one that Brian Clough would have coveted and Robin Hood would have gladly swapped his band of merry men for.

And the sprinkles on the top?  That’d be the fabulous dolphins and monkeys.

Robin Hood - Low Res