Sharing a poem.

Posted on January 14, 2013


My lovely Mum

My lovely Mum

My lovely Mum shared a poem with me when I was younger, it popped into my head recently, and I thought I would share it on this blog.

I think it is my family’s version of this poem, but I wonder, have you ever heard one similar?


Dottie and Nellie pray hear mother say,

From the drawing room, do keep away,

Don’t take your toys there, lest someone should call,

Go out in the garden with rope, bat and ball.

The garden was lovely that bright summer’s day,

But Dottie and Nellie soon came away.

Into the Drawing room, Dottie came skipping

With her new rope, all the furniture flipping.

Down came the tall vase so golden and gay,

Smashed all to pieces, what will mother say?

Nel says, let’s run and say it was kitty who did it in fun,

Oh no, Nel, don’t you see, if nobody saw me, god knows it was me.

That’s right, said their mother who stood at the door,

I’d rather 10 vases were smashed on the floor,

Than my little girl should break the golden word of truth.

A vase can be mended and scarce show a crack,

But a false word once spoken will never come back.

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