Busy, busy. Work, work.

Posted on September 8, 2013


Phew. Being busy, it’s great isn’t it? But just sometimes it can make you forget what makes you smile and what makes you tick.  I’m going to try, in this blog, to capture just some of those special moments that make my life sing, those moments which I reflect on when the pace of work life is at full speed.

The sleepy smile of my son, and the ‘I love you Mum’, as I leave the house to get to another early meeting. His hug, and the ‘now get out of the way of the television’ when I get home. The ‘guess what Mum’ emails and the excited updates on the day’s events. The achievements, the firsts, the huge beaming grin after the initial butterflies.  The quiet, but powerful, presence of my Mum, always supporting, always proud; there in the background, making the foreground work so well.

Good food, great friends, fab times, taste explosions, fine wines, fizz and sexy cocktails.  Crisps, midget gems, mexican feasts, unlabelled pickles, ‘platos combinados’ and favourite dishes, cooked by favourite chefs to perfection. Late night conversations, verging on the ridiculous, talking rubbish, amused by the same things and on the same wavelength; laughing until my ears hurt, secret smiles, knowing looks and belly laughs.

Cards, clubs, quips and one-liners, never tiring of old memories and stories, always making time for new ones.  Singstar sing-offs, jacuzzi bubbles, garden discos, snowball fights on frozen canals, summer barbies, office picnics and Christmas parties, although not always at the same time.  Nick names, made up words, names, films and scenarios, lovely lions, special dolphins, cheeky monkeys and cherished elephants; and of course, imaginary friends, Ashley.

Late night deadlines, ‘meeting rules’, four minute warnings, and secret signs – making the most serious events amusing. Shared experiences, exasperations and expectations.

Holding hands, hearts and heads when friends are close; sharing tweets, posts and texts when they are not. Always seen, received and valued … always raising a smile, often a chuckle and undoubtedly creating yet another memory.

So, no matter how busy I am, it’s you, my special ones (and you know who you are) that make each day so special too.

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