When the going gets tough!

Posted on February 23, 2014


The @SouthWestUK twitter account is there to support tourism in South West England, it largely shares a daily paper which picks up tweets from the many destination management organisations spread across the region.  However, I also use it to retweet specific events and activities when organisations ask me to, or when the relevant hashtag #southwestengland appears on a tweet. 

It is a service I offer for free and because I want to support tourism in the region where I live.


open for businessThere are often times when the going gets tough and you reach out to your colleagues or friends within your own circle or organisation, but what happens when the crisis is bigger than you are?

It was great to be able to use the @SouthWestUK twitter account to play my part in the recent #openforbusiness campaign, when tourism businesses in South West England had to work together to counteract the negative publicity and images caused by the adverse weather and flooding.

Despite media claims, South West England was not cut off from the rest of England, it was very much #openforbusiness and through @SouthWestUK, I was able to support businesses tweeting #openforbusiness and really raise the profile.

What did this lead to … initially, it meant focusing 24/7 one twitter account and building a ‘team’ of literally hundreds and hundreds of tourism businesses who included #openforbusiness in their tweets.

It also captured the interest of the media, fellow ‘supporters’ and importantly, those who wanted to offer help in making sure the tweets and retweets kept going and we could tell as many people as possible that South West England was #openforbusiness and very much ready to welcome visitors – at half term, at Easter and throughout the year!

The first offer of help came from @FrankManDesign who put together a twitter icon and header, one which other businesses could use on their marketing, the second from @theblueroom_ who helped out with thanking and retweeting as many people as possible, and the third, from the CIPR cavalry.  One call from @ms_organised, a number of nicely worded blogs and a group of talented PRs offered their time, for free, to help keep the message loud, lovely and strong.

A real success story. So when the going gets tough in future, don’t worry, there are always people out there who can rally around, make a difference and support you and your business.

Want to know more? Do drop me a line.