All that hard work.

Posted on September 28, 2014


Twitter image squareAfter being surprised to hear that I been nominated for Devon’s entrepreneur of the year and informed that I had been shortlisted as a semi finalist in the Small Business of the Year category, I was not sure was to expect when I went to the Venus Awards finalists announcement.

Would I get any further? I knew I had been working hard – my yawns and need to put my feet up at the end of a week, the number of train tickets and fuel receipts I pull out of my purse every week and the careful diary management with my family every Sunday, were all testament to this, but I am not alone. Lots of working women do the same things, day in day out.

In my usual style, everything was organised for the afternoon tea announcement, the frock was on, the car had petrol and my mobile phone was charged up, just in case I had any announcements to tweet! In my usual style I was in the middle of a call with a very important client, when I noticed the time … luckily, an important but very supportive client, who completely understood my ‘oh my goodness, I am going to be late, I have to go, now’ yelp as I hung up and ran to the car.

The place was full of the most focused, excited, friendly and glamorous women. The air heavy with the scent of perfume and success! I took a deep breath, took my seat and waited for the announcements. My category was first to be announced, from 120 to 5 semi-finalists and then the announcement of the 3 finalists. The first two names were called, with the finalists going to the front to collect their certificates, and then I was shocked, and very thrilled, to hear my name being called. Wow. What a feeling.

So here I am. A finalist in the Venus Awards for Devon’s Small Business of the Year. To me, I feel like I have already won, do you know why? The congratulations, support and general happiness I have received from my friends, colleagues and clients, I have been totally overwhelmed, and it has meant the world to me that so many people are happy to celebrate my success.

So whatever happens in November (of course, I would love to win) I am delighted to have gotten this far and I feel genuinely blessed to have such a huge amount of support behind me.

Thank you to all of you.  You make all of that hard work worthwhile.

Maureen McAllister