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Letting the train take the strain.

July 29, 2012


Devon – London – Paris – Barcelona – Lorca – Las Piedras Stage one: Devon to London. We set off early on Tuesday morning from Newton Abbot; the train had hardly left the station before the first bucks fizz was poured, the smoked salmon bagels were munched and the ten year old said ‘are we […]

Glamping? Don’t mind if I do.

July 12, 2012


It was the annual football team get together, to celebrate the relative success of the season, to present awards key players and to reward hard work and dedication all year with a spot of R&R.  The team in question were under 10’s – the R&R had to suit them. That meant luxury weekend breaks or […]

What were they thinking?

January 3, 2012


Why on earth did they think that they had the right to show Torquay in such a poor light? A hotel which appears to give nothing back to the Bay, does nothing for tourism in the local area and for the image of hospitality in general, decided that it would be fine to showcase all […]

Another year older? Easy tiger …

January 1, 2012


… having a birthday on New Years’ Eve is not that much fun and ‘Him Indoors’ wanted to do something to celebrate his birthday, but quite what, we couldn’t decide. Living in Devon, ‘we’ve been there, done that’ and visited all of the attractions on our doorstep.  We’d hunted about for somewhere for a nice lunch, […]

Staycations rock!

December 15, 2011


Why would you …. take your well earned cash, give some of it away in commission, then pay more each time you top up? pack a 20kg suitcase, no more! carefully weighed, measured and pulled together (leaving your favourite Jimmy Choos, because there’s no room) heft it to an airport for it to be chucked […]

Are you ready for 2012? Do you care?

November 14, 2011


You should. Whether you think 2012 will make any difference to your business or not, the range and wealth of support and development on offer will benefit your business for years’ to come. Olympics or no Olympics. There’s a very small team of very dedicated people working in the regions, across England, focusing on ways […]